Domestic Fencing

With more leisure time, people are spending more time relaxing in their gardens, but they often prefer to leave the hard work to the professionals!

This is where Contract Fencing comes in to offer not only services in fencing, but in patio areas and stone walling too.

Solutions for every application

Contract Fencing are happy to advise on design and suggest which of their products would be most suitable for the customer’s needs.

Your garden could be transformed into the perfect low maintenance haven!

24hr call out service available in emergencies

Choice’s for everyone

The range available includes:-


Feather Edge, Hit and Miss, Pointed Paling, Arch Paling, Diagonal board and Chestnut Fence.

Fence Panels

Vertical Arch/Bow, Pointed Paling, Round Top Paling, Double Board, Vertical Board Panels & Concrete Posts, Waneylap Panels, Steel Wall Railing and Steel Gates.

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