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Garden Fencing

Contract Fencing Limited


Email us at Contract Fencing Limited, for more details about our garden fencing services.

We offer a range of specialised services to elevate your property. From modern steel and wooden fencing to exquisite heritage designs, we seamlessly blend security, aesthetics, and durability. Based in Maryport, our locally renowned craftsmanship ensures tailored solutions that enhance both residential and commercial spaces. With strong attention to detail, we create fences that stand as testaments to quality, reflecting our commitment to excellence. Choose Contract Fencing to transform your property with fencing solutions that marry functionality and style, backed by our reputation for reliability and professionalism.

Call us on 01900 817763 or email us today at for security, domestic, commercial and garden fencing options


Unit 25c, Solway Trading Estate, Maryport CA15 8NF, UK

01900 817763

Opening times:

Monday to Friday - 8AM to 5PM 

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